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HUG Recap: Making the most of your marketing, sales, and operations tools

[fa icon="calendar'] May 18, 2017 2:46:19 PM / by Stacey Schall

Our 1st quarter meetup for 2017 was on making the most of your marketing, sales, and operations tools, using Salesforce and HubSpot. Chris Eustace and Ben Smith from Eustace Consulting shared with us a few of their processes that enable them to keep track of their business, from sales through invoicing. They use Salesforce as their main hub for marketing, sales, customer service, accounting, and collaboration and have created a series of connections through the software they use for each piece of their business. The result is an automated business management machine, and the demo they showed us was pretty incredible. Here's a look at their slides, complete with the applications they use for each function of their business.


Stacey Schall

Written by Stacey Schall

Stacey is the owner and director of inbound marketing at Schall Creative. She has a passion for communicating, and knows that her left brain and her right brain can work together in harmony.

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